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top 7 ways to make money online

The Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online (Updated May 30th 2019 4/7)

Imagine being able to make money anywhere you want, wherever you want.. sounds great right?

In this beginners guide I will show you different ways to begin making money online that will allow you to gain the ultimate financial freedom.

Are you  ready to learn how to make money online?

This is for you guys who are sick and tired of those “paid to click” websites and have filled in so many surveys that seeing another one will make you puke. Keep reading and you will learn how to make money without surveys and other bullshit..

Enough talk, I am going to show you how to make money online for beginners with the top 7 ways to make money online:

1. Creating a blog/website as a side hustle

Blogging is a great way to start as a side hustle. But only when you have a passion that is within a profitable niche. Here below I am going to show you how to make money with a blog for beginners.

Finding a niche

Some niches are more profitable then others and a few prominent niches that do great are health & fitness, making money online, food & drinks, beauty & fashion and personal development.

So think for a while which niche is most likely right for you and then we can move on to the next step in creating your own profitable blog..

Content is King

As pointed out by Smartblogger, the best content is King.. and as young kings you want to create the very best content you can. This will allow your visitors to be hooked to your content and wanting more. This is how you pick up steam to expand your viewers. By creating the best content ever in your niche.

Your content is useless without traffic

When you are just starting out it can be hard to get traffic to your blog. You might find yourself wondering how those big shot bloggers get thousands of visitors a month..

The main 2 ways of getting traffic is through social media and Google.

Every niche is different so you have to do a bit of research to see which of the 2 works best for your own personal niche. Do people engage each other mostly on platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram? In this case you should go with promoting your website on social media but..

.. if your niche requires users to search for your website through key terms through Google or Bing.. then you should probably go with SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is done working through different keywords you implement in your blogs and website.

For example if you have a blog about dogs then one of your keywords could be “How to train your dog” as a subject. This is what dog owners search for and how they will eventually come into your website.

So setup Google analytics and see where your traffic is coming from.

Monetize your blog

make money blogging

Now you got the the content and traffic.. what now you might ask?

This part is the fun part, because this is part where you get paid for all of your hard work. There are multiple ways for you to get paid when you have your own blog, the most effective ones are:

  • Advertising money paid by Google Adsense
  • Consulting/coaching your followers
  • Selling your own services
  • Creating eBooks
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Creating your own web shop

If you like the idea of owning your own web shop to make money online then you will like my no-nonsense course on how to create a web shop from scratch within 1 day. You know the course is good when the score is much higher than the average in the same category.

The course rates higher than the average course in the same category. This is how you know the students who took it love it(or make big money with it)!course rating

My students get to make great web shops and sell goods for big profits, or they can create and sell web shops to companies which means this is a win-win situation for you if you get this course.

I even have a special limited coupon code with a discount of $20 until we hit 750 students. So hurry up and click here before the spots are filled.

This was how to make money with a blog for beginners, hopefully you found that helpful.

2. Create a gig on Fiverr


You may have purchased a gig on Fiverr in the past. But have you ever thought of creating your own? If you have any skill that is worth paying money for this could be a great way to start making money online.

It is possible to sell almost any skill on the Fiverr website.. here is a list with some great skills to sell:

  • Art (think flyers, logo’s, portraits etc)
  • Video(creating youtube video’s, intro’s, recording an advertising video for someone)
  • Coding (websites and apps)
  • Social media (research and managing)

Selling an art gig on Fiverr

Being a creative allows you to have a wide selection of gigs that you can provide. There are always designers in demand and if you are at least somewhat decent, you will make money here.

Think of things like designing flyers for companies, creating logo’s for new brands and websites, drawing portraits for someone who wants to gift it to a friend or drawing comics for a living.

Sounds pretty neat right?

Selling video gigs on Fiverr

Everybody knows Youtube and their user-created videos. Now some of those people know how to create their own intros, slideshows, animations and what not..

The thing is, the majority of the people don’t or need help with some of the tasks. This is where you come in the game and help them out for a few quick bucks.

Selling Coding gigs on Fiverr

Coding is to Fiverr as air is to Fire. Coding is in HOT demand everywhere. If you know how to throw up a decent website or code a slick looking app.. then this would be the category for you to make bank on.

Coders are in big demand and you can usually ask for more money as well.. Definitely a recommendation by me.

Social Media gigs on Fiverr

There are many gigs on Fiverr that sell social media marketing. This is because social media is now so integrated in our daily lives that it is a waste for companies if they don’t have a presence on different apps and sites.

You can think of different gigs like social media manager, content creation, audience research and more.

These are just a few examples of creating your own gig on Fiverr. There are many more possibilities out there and you just have to find your own niche to dominate and that is why this is one of the top 7 ways to make money online.

Click here to start making money on Fiverr Today.

make money on fiverr


3. Selling your own eBooks

So.. you are wondering about how to create an eBook? There could be multiple reasons but If you are reading this post then I assume it is because you want to make some money online.Some other benefits would be to increase your exposure or getting new loyal followers.

Now there are 6 fundamental steps to creating your own eBook that you need to follow if you want to be successful. It is important that you follow each step as missing one can cause your book to potentially fail.

1. Research your target audience

Finding out who is your target audience is critical. Without this the other points do not matter. Targeting the wrong person is like selling ice to an Eskimo. It is pointless to say the least.

Quicksprout has a great way to let you find your target audience. To make a long story short, find the person who will pay you.

Find his age, location, gender, job, hobbies, pains and desires. Find out what makes life worth living. Then find out what makes his life miserable. If you can find these things and create a solution for him… you won’t be able to imagine how fast he will pull out his wallet to throw money at you.

2. Come up with a killer topic and and title

Once you are done with finding out who your core audience it is time to choose your topic. One thing that is important to note is that not only should the topic appeal to your audience.. but it should also appeal to you.

This is because you are the one writing it, promoting it, selling it and you should believe in it.. if you don’t like it, why should anyone else right? Choosing something both your audience and you love will increase your results by far.

Make sure your title is specific as well. Something like “The Top 7 Ways to Make Money Online” is going to sound a lot better than just “Make Money Online”. *wink wink*

3. + 4. Write the actual book + creating all the things around it

creating an ebook

This step is quite self explanatory but nevertheless important, so that is why I am listing this step here.

Some tips for writing eBooks that could be useful to keep in mind when you are writing are:

  • Write with the end result in your mind (what does the reader want to learn?)
  • Use just 2 types of headers(a main header and a sub header)
  • Use lots of paragraphs and lists
  • Make sure to use sufficient images to break the wall of texts
  • Use a good font size like 14-16 and a proven font like Arial or Calibri
  • Let someone else proofread your book (we get blind to our own mistakes)
  • Get a nice cover that will catch attention

5. Upload your eBook to your platforms

Now this part is straightforward.. you upload the book you just created to different platforms you either own or can publish on. Think of places like your website or email lists. What comes after is promoting your eBook..

6. Promoting your eBook, but how and where?

There are many places to promote your eBook and get that hard deserved cash. Here are a few ways for you to go around with it:

  • Promote it within your own website by writing supporting blog posts after the release
  • Create infographics and capture attention for your book that way
  • Send out free teasers on what’s inside on social media, these should include actionable tips
  • Promote it on content sharing networks like medium or scoop.it
  • Guest blog on other people their websites in order to promote yourself
  • Use email to reach out to people inside your niche to work a deal out

Hopefully by now the sales are starting to flow in and you can finally pat yourself on the back and reap the benefits.

4. Become an online coach

Picture this scene:

John regularly goes to the gym, eats clean within his diet and knows the proper exercises in order to keep his body lean and strong. This might seem  normal to him but for someone who isn’t that in shape it might seem like an unattainable dream.

“Hey, how do you keep in such great shape? I have tried some exercises for a while now but am not seeing any significant progression..” Chris asks.

After asking Chris questions John give him a few pointers on how to improve his exercises, created a diet for him and most importantly.. made it seem possible for him to reach his goal.

So what can you learn from this?

Things that seem simple to you can be invaluable to others and help set them on the right path. This is one of the biggest reasons why online coaching is such a good option to go for when you have the required knowledge.

Here are 6 steps for becoming a successful online coach

  1. Find your niche
  2. Choose your marketing channel
  3. Create content
  4. Connect with your audience
  5. Start an email list
  6. Always be selling

1. Finding your niche

In order to find your niche it is important to seek out a specific problem that your market has.

For example if you were to coach someone who wants to make money online, there are multiple ways you could approach this.

Some problems that someone who is just starting out may have are:

  • Not knowing where to start (you help them to get started)
  • How to create content (you coach and improve their content skills)
  • Drive traffic to their offer (you teach them how to get traffic)

See where I’m going with this? Pick one and make it as specific as possible. When you are an expert in a very specific area this will make you a very sought after coach.

2. Choosing your marketing channel

In order to choose your marketing channel it is very important to ask yourself these 2 questions:

  1. Where are my potential clients hanging out?
  2. Where are my competitors finding their leads?

Research the demographics of your target customers and choose the social media platform(most have reports on their audience) that matches your demographic the most.

3. Create content

After you choose your social media channel it is time for you to create content for it. Depending on your niche these could be photo’s of your craft showing your audience what you could for them, threads full of tweets with actionable advice.

In any case make sure that it contains value, otherwise there would be no reason for anyone to follow you and listen to what you have to sell right?

4. Connect with your audience and other social media influencers

If you want to do social media well, and I assume you do(why else would you even try?) then it is of utmost importance for your market to like you. Engage with others on their posts giving them your thoughts, like their posts and tag them where appropriate.

It is called social media for a reason so be social. This will make you more authentic, relatable and likeable for everyone and has a lot of benefits as well. Imagine a big account promoting you because he likes the way you give out value and engage with others..

Powerful if done right.

5. Start an email list

This is one of the most important aspects of building your coaching business. The ones who take the time to subscribe to your email list are the ones who are the most loyal and ready to buy from you.

Imagine losing all your clients because your social media account gets banned. Having an email list prevents this from happening so start one today.

Tips to get more subscribers:

6. Always be selling

Remember, you are an online coaching business. You started it in order to make money. Don’t be afraid to sell and try to think of it this way..

Does your business bring value to your customers and improve their lives? If so – it would be a disservice not to try and improve their lives.

So make sure to always be selling when possible.

By now you should be able to make a great start to your coaching business. So start taking action today.

These are the first 4 of the top 7 ways to make money online and I will keep adding the other 3 when they are done.

Ps. Let me know here below in the comments what you found useful or if you have any questions..

I will try to answer as soon as  possible. Share this post with your friends or on social media to help others out as well. I would appreciate it a lot.. thanks!

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Have a good day Young Kings.


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