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Good rating photofeeler

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Today you are going to learn how to create the perfect profile picture as a freelancer. Interested in how to do this? Continue reading to find out what website I used to find the best picture to use..

Snapping a picture and uploading it to Upwork or Freelancer may seem simple but there is a lot more to it then you think. Pictures help give a first impression of how you are and we often judge others on their appearance subconsciously. Don’t believe me? See for yourself:

Danny TangDanny Tang

Do you feel a difference between them? Both were shot on the same morning while trying to get a professional profile picture yet..

Bad rating photofeeler Good rating photofeeler

The second picture got a lot better rated then the first as you can see. This is a 31.8% difference in competent, a 14.6% increase in Likable and a 38.5% difference in Influential. Shocking isn’t it?

But as much as I like to talk about myself.. you are here to create your own perfect(or as close to as possible) profile picture so lets get to it with a few practical tips.

Focus on your face

Make sure the picture is a close up of you with mostly your face and just a bit of your upper body. This is looks more professional then a full body showing.


Smiling helps to signal friendliness and encourages positive interactions. People are usually drawn to others who seem to be genuinely happy with where they are.

Keep the background simple

Look for a simple background that is uncluttered and clear. This helps the viewer to focus on you instead of what is around you.

Outdoor pictures work as well, but sometimes you have to blur the background in order to make it less chaotic(something that I have in my picture).

Get a second opinion.

What is photofeeler

One handy website that I have been using to choose my profile picture is Photofeeler.

On this website you can upload your picture and others will vote on how they feel about your picture. There are even notes in which they can give you feedback on how to improve the picture.

Photofeeler feedback

As you can see, This picture could have been cropped in closer as well as a less distracting background.

What you need to get started is to create an account on Photofeeler. After that you click on new test and upload your picture.

Now you have two options for getting votes on your picture:

  1. Vote on other pictures yourself
  2. Buy some credits

Personally, I wasn’t in a hurry and looking at other pictures to get a feel for what could be good seemed good to me. That is why I choose to vote on other profile pictures as well.

After a while your votes should start to come in together with notes on how to improve it. It took me about 10 tries to get the perfect profile picture so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t work out the first time.

Well, that’s about it. I hope this post has been useful for you and I would love to see you post your results here below.

Let me hear your opinions as well as ask me questions and I will try to answer as soon as I can.

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