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Marketing Freelancer Course
Translating Freelancer Course
Designer Freelancing Course

3 different skills, 3 markets and 3 happy clients(and many more). This means it IS possible, the thing is…

There are 3 Levels for Freelancers, which one are you at?

There are 3 different levels for people who freelance, 2 of them have something they need to conquer to go to the next level.. What level are you at?

Level 1 The wannabe freelancer

If you belong in this level, you probably just started fantasizing about the idea of making money online with your skills. You have read some online articles, maybe saw some videos and success stories and now you want a piece of the pie.

You may have looked at a few freelancing websites or job offers online but haven’t started yet due to how complex it all seems..

If this is you, the biggest problem you are facing is decision paralysis. We have been told countless times that making money online as a freelancer is:

  • Insanely competitive and only the best will make it (it really is not)
  • Very tough to start out as a freelancer without a portfolio (I will show you a way to win)
  • You will get paid peanuts for your work (not true if you know how to position yourself)

These points are some of the problems you could face when deciding to become a freelancer..

The result? Most of you fear the possible failure and decide to keep daydreaming about “eventually” starting and getting those extra $1000’s a month.

So.. what do you need to do? Simple, the solution is to just get started. Figure things out along the way. Things don’t have to be perfect the first time around. It just needs to be good enough to dip your toes into the bountiful world of freelancing BUT..

.. only if you choose to start. If not, you will lose the opportunity to change your life. Do you want to lay on your deathbed many years later only to have regrets and what ifs?

If not.. start taking action today and you may pass to level 2..

Chad Michael MurrayOur biggest regrets are not for the things we have done but for the things we haven't done
Chad Michael Murray

Level 2 - The frustrated freelancer

This is where most newer freelancers who have a valuable skill will find themselves at. You are getting a new client here and there, the pay could be better sometimes but it ain’t the worst.

Sure, you might lose clients quite a lot of times before the deal is closed and most clients are a one time thing only but still..

To sum it up, if you belong in this category you find yourself struggling with:

  • Standing out from other freelancers
  • Getting new clients
  • Losing clients right before you get the job offer
  • Getting a good payday instead of mediocre payments
  • Getting repeat clients

Imagine how great would it be if these problems could be systematically fixed? What would you do if a friend of yours offered to help you increase your income by $1,000’s of dollars a month and only asked a slight 30% fee for it?

I bet most of you would take him up on it wouldn’t you? The deal is so good, you would be a fool not to take it. Sadly, not everyone has a friend like that who can magically help you increase your income..

The Freelance Mastermind course can be this friend of yours. In this course we will systematically walk through each of these problems and provide a solution for each of them.

This can help you save MONTHS of research and exhausting tests while you struggle to get your career going. After you are done with this course you will be able to move on to level 3 of being a freelancer.

Level 3 - The expert freelancer

Finally you are at level 3 of being a freelancers. At this stage freelancing is providing you the ultimate freedom.

No more worries of not having enough money when an accidental expense comes up. Having comfortable emergency savings that ease your mind.

More importantly, you can spend more time doing what you love or with your friends and family instead of grinding away for low pay.

This is the final stage that everyone wants to attain. And even here – the sky is the limit. You can always find areas of improvement and that will grant you the ultimate financial freedom.

Perks that you will enjoy at this level:

  • Freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want
  • Being able to cherry pick your clients
  • Only work on projects that you love(with great pay)
  • Being able to spend more time with your friends and family or a hobby
  • The opportunity to scale your freelancing business for even more success

Not yet a level 3 freelancer? Well in that case…

Enroll in the course and level up your freelance career

4 payments of $29
One time payment of $104

The course is currently updated weekly. The price will increase with each update released until we go up to the valued price of $269. Join now and get all future updates for FREE.

Introducing Freelance Masterminds

Your shortcut to making an additional $1,000 to $10,000+ per month...

Freelance Masterminds

Based on the knowledge and documentation of a top rated freelancer with a 100% success rate. This course will offer you insights in what it takes to stand out from the others and win.

What you'll find inside Freelance Masterminds

Section 1: Getting started

Lesson 1

Creating Your Game Plan

After joining the course, the best way to get started is to formulate a plan on how to get what you want.

This lesson helps clarify and motivate you to make it more likely for you to follow through.

Ps. I have a special gift for you that will help you succeed with this(mentioned further down).

Lesson 2

Where to start?

In this lesson you will learn:

  • Why starting on a freelance website is good
  • Why we use Upwork as our freelancing website
  • What other websites there are that you can use

Lesson 3

Crafting an Outstanding Profile

Here you are going to learn what makes a great profile, this includes:

  • Crafting your own title(this matters more than you think)
  • Your personal intro to capture attention
  • Adding a profile picture (secret tip to get an audience approved picture)
  • Set your hourly rate(and how this effects your freelance career)
  • Adding relevant skills, experiences etc. to your profile
  • Taking Upwork tests
  • Creating your portfolio (even if you don’t have one yet)

This lesson could be the most important lesson for you if your current profile kind of sucks(Sorry! But first impressions matter..)

Section 2: Getting Your First Client

Lesson 4

Choose Your Clients Wisely (or risk ruin)

Ever spent a whole evening bidding on jobs without a reply and feeling kinda down?(I know I did).. Lucky for you, there are some things you can do to make screening for clients easier.

In this lesson you will learn what to watch for when screening job postings. This will help you to reduce the time you spent on exhausting and fruitless job postings.

Instead of being frustrated all evening you can actually spend it on Making Money.

Lesson 5

Fees and Payments

In this lesson you will learn more about the payment timetable on Upwork and fees associated with using the platform. Knowing these can help you plan ahead regarding your budget.

Section 3: The Proposal

Lesson 6

Writing the Proposal

Learn how to:

  • Write an amazing proposal that gets replies
  • How to learn make gauging the job difficulty easier for yourself
  • How to increase chances of closing the deal

And if you ever need samples when asked for, the next lesson is for you..

Lesson 7

A Secret Sampling Technique

So you just started out and don’t have anything to show to the client. This can make proving you are worthy of the project quite difficult can’t it?

Luckily for you there is a secret technique that can help you create the perfect samples that your clients simply can’t help but LOVE.

Warning! This technique dramatically increases your workload, so be careful how you use it.

Section 4: The interview

Lesson 8

What to ask during interviews

Have you ever had an assignment where you didn’t know important details? Sucks doesn’t it?

If you hate having to approach the same person for information over and over again..

.. you should learn how to discover critical information that you’ll need to make your job easier upfront.

Lesson 9


If you have ever found yourself with a nightmare of a client, this lesson can be a real lifesaver.

Learn how to discover red flags and avoid negative clients who can ruin your day.

Lesson 10

Become a Dealcloser

Unless you are already loaded and have enough money in the bank..

Knowing how to close the deals with clients is a critical skill to your success.

No clients = no money.

Learn how to close like a boss in this lesson.

Section 5: After the job

Lesson 11

What to do after finishing your job

So you finished the work for the job, what do you do now? Learn how to:

  • Deliver the project
  • Reduce revision rates
  • Closing the contract and getting good reviews

Section 6: Free Bonuses

Lesson 12

Become a Next Level Freelancer

A place where you no longer have to seek out jobs and propose on jobs? In fact, how would you feel if YOU get invited for jobs all the time?

Find out how in this free bonus lesson.

Lesson 13

How to Increase Your Rates

Learn a proven step by step method to steadily increasing your rates (and getting them too!).

You will learn the same technique that I have used in the past to increase my hourly rate from $10 to $50.

Imagine making 5 times the amount of money you are making now.

Lesson 14

Common Mistakes(and how to avoid them)

Learn the common mistakes that 95% of the freelancers make that cost them dearly..

Become part of the 5% that knows what it takes to succeed.


Lesson 15

Become a Legit Business

Learn how to become your own business and tap into other places.

At this point you should be able to get clients that are willing to pay you (depending on your market) around $2,000 per month.

Yes! I am ready to succeed as a freelancer

4 payments of $29
One time payment of $104

The course is currently updated weekly. The price will increase with each update released until we go up to the valued price of $269. Join now and get all future updates for FREE.

Bonus: Become Part of Our Exclusive Freelance Masterminds Community

Imagine being part of a group of elite freelancers who help each other succeed in their respective markets..

If you have ever struggled feverishly with a problem and couldn’t find a solution to it, you know how frustrating it feels.

What if another freelancer already encountered, researched and solved that problem? Exactly! He would be able to help you solve your problem so that you can go on with your day stress free.

Some of the benefits of the Freelance Masterminds community:

  1. An exclusive community for you to join where you will be able to gain knowledge of freelancers who are further ahead of you
  2. Keep a journal where  you can update others on your journey and they can help you out with your struggles
  3. Share your skills with others and they with you as well to benefit each other
  4. Get profile optimization tips
  5. See proposals made by other freelancers and improve your own
  6. Have some form of accountability for those of you who procrastinate and need a figurative kick in the ass to start

Does being a part of this community feel like something you might want? Do you want to have a community watch your back and keep you motivated to go on when you want to give up?

Join Freelance masterminds and become a lifetime member of this community.


Become a Lifetime Member of Freelance Masterminds

4 payments of $29
One time payment of $104

The course is currently updated weekly. The price will increase with each update released until we go up to the valued price of $269. Join now and get all future updates for FREE.

Backed by my 30 days no bullshit money back guarantee

The tactics in this course work. They have worked for me personally throughout the years. They will work for you too when you follow the steps.

In fact, I believe in them so much that when it doesn’t work for you, you can have your money back.

There will be no bullshit or hassling and I will refund you as soon as I can. Just try out the program for 30 days and if you put in the work, I am positive that you will make money online.

Marketing Freelancer Course

If an average guy like me can do it, so can you.








Become a Top Freelancer Right Now

4 payments of $29
One time payment of $104

The course is currently updated weekly. The price will increase with each update released until we go up to the valued price of $269. Join now and get all future updates for FREE.

Is Freelance Masterminds For You?

You know Freelance Masterminds is for you:

  • When you frequently procrastinate
  • Have fear of failure
  • Always stop before you succeed
  • Start too many things instead of focusing on 1
  • Bid on too man projects for way to low prices
  • Love a no fluff, straight to the point course so that you can start right away

If you love benefits like:

  1. Having an exclusive community to be part of which helps each other succeed
  2. Learn insider information not shared anywhere else
  3. Having others keep you accountable and motivated to work

What you will need to succeed with this course:

  • A computer with internet connection
  • A growth mindset
  • A winning attitude
  • The grit to keep going instead of giving up

I believe in you, you have what it takes to succeed. You just need to choose for success.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and your path to freelance success. Choose your financial freedom today by enrolling in the course.

Get Your Dream projects and Start Earning Money

4 payments of $29
One time payment of $104

The course is currently updated weekly. The price will increase with each update released until we go up to the valued price of $269. Join now and get all future updates for FREE.