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Since this is the first time I post on this blog I might as well start out with something useful. This is why I am sharing a small secret that I used with great success when applying to new projects as a freelancer.

Nowadays too many people are marketing themselves or their business the same way. Usually this is way too general as well..

How do you stand out from the crowd?

Imagine for a second you are an engaged couple looking for a photographer for your wedding. You post your job online and there are dozens of applications that want to grab your attention.

Between all these freelancers… who would you choose for your wedding?

Are you going to choose the person titled “Photographer” or the one titled “Wedding photographer”?

I know sure that you will at the very least take a look at the applicant that promotes him/herself as wedding photographer first.

The one who can distinguish themselves from the others are those get noticed.

Think about it from your client’s point of view

This might seem like a small thing but in reality it makes all the difference in getting the job (and payday) or not.

When applying this to yourself ask this question: “In my field of work, what is considered a big problem a lot of times by clients but few people specialize in it?”

If you can figure this out for your field of work then.. boy are you in for a good time.

Knowing exactly what the problem is that clients face allows you to access new heights of success.

This is ofcourse accompanied with big money just like the other smart freelancers or businesses make.

This is how you get jobs as a freelancer or business the smart way.

Hopefully you liked this one small trick that I used in the past when applying to new projects and will find success with it.

Next time I will be writing about how to find your unique selling point and what to do if you don’t have one.

If there is a topic or problem that you would like to learn more about please write it down here below in the comments and I just might write a piece about it.

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