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native ads case study

Hey guys,

Originally I posted this on a forum or two but figured it would be good to share here as well and add some extra insights not available there.

Native ads have caught my attention lately and that’s why I have been experimenting with them for around 2-3 weeks now..

I thought it would be good for the ones among you who are interested in affiliate marketing to follow along.

Some stats for you guys to look at and enjoy.

Preparation week 1-2
Visits: 599
Clicks: 144
Conversions: 3
Revenue: $76
Cost: $78
Profit: -$2
ROI: -2.63%

The day before yesterday
Visits: 161
Clicks: 42
Conversions: 2
Revenue: $51
Cost: $41.81
Profit: $9.19
ROI: 21.97%

Visits: 164
Clicks: 42
Conversions: 0
Revenue: $0
Cost: $47.08
Profit: -$47.08
ROI: -100%

Total spent + revenue = -$187 + $127 = -$60

My work method is: Ads -> Prelander -> Offer lander

It’s a cod offer that pays based on sales.

What I have done till now: I have optimized the campaign by removing low performing ad creatives based on ctr%.

Same goes for website ID that provides low ctr%.

My biggest tips so far for this native ads case study are:

  1. Test multiple ad creatives and remove the ones who are under performing (low ctr% imo)
  2. Don’t increase your bids in order to gain more traffic if you get conversions (I did it and all it did was increase my cost A LOT while clicks stayed about the same.)

Update #1:

Yesterday the cost has been greatly decreased with the amount of clicks increasing. With this kind of cost I can run ads for 2 days and breakeven with only 1 conversion instead of needing 2 per day to breakeven.

Visits: 131(-34)
Clicks: 55(+13)
Conversions: 0
Revenue: $0
Cost: $11.81(-$35.27)
Profit: -$11.81
ROI: -100%

I have also created a 2nd campaign and target another geo with campaign 1.

Update #2

This weekend was a success! At least for campaign 1. I am going to stop campaign 2 now to focus on campaign 1.

Campaign #1

Visits: 289
Clicks: 72
Conversions: 1
Revenue: $25.5
Cost: $22.55
Profit: $2.95
ROI: 13.06%

Campaign #2

Visits: 156
Clicks: 14
Conversions: 0
Revenue: $0
Profit: -$14.11
ROI: -100%

Plan: Open up widget ID and some other adverts in order to get more data before blocking things.

Update #3

Campaign #1

Visits: 910 (798 unique) <<<< Why the 100 difference??
Clicks: 173 (157 unique)
Conversions: 5 (2 confirmed, 2 on hold, 1 rejected)
Revenue: $51
Cost: $74.52
Profit: -$23.52
ROI: -31.56%

Today I have unblocked some of my widgets and ads in order to receive more data and as well target more devices which in return increased my budget spend by a LOT as you can see.

Waiting to see if I can get the 2 orders on hold to approve by tomorrow which would push me into the green today.

Update #5

The last 3 days I have been experimenting with targeting more devices like smartphones and the results are.. not so good. Not sure if mobile just performs worse than desktop but it seems so..

I removed 1 OS version for now and if mobile won’t perform again I will stop them altogether. Also reduced the amount of ads from 24 to the best performing 6 to see how that impacts ROI.

3 day stats:
Visits: 1856
Clicks: 420
Conversions: 0 (3 on hold, 3 declined)
Revenue: $0
Cost: $151.66
Profit: -$151.66
ROI: -100%


6 day stats:
Visits: 4214
Clicks: 981
Conversions: 4 (19 on hold, 6 declined)
Revenue: $102
Cost: $354.44
Profit -71.22%

1. As you can see on the surface level a -71% ROI might seem bad but I am gaining a lot of new conversions who need to be approved. I believe that even if I get only a 50% approval rate on those 19 (I think I will get more) I will be very close to a green campaign overall. I JUST FEEL IT, I AM SO CLOSE TO A BREAKTHROUGH.

2. The number 1 big thing that changed tripled the amount of conversions I got was..

.. to turn off day parting. As a beginner promoting cod offers I was turning off my ads every single time the call center in the country would close as well. WHAT A BIG MISTAKE THAT WAS.

People come home after work and browse their phones and pc all night. Why I ever thought it was a good idea is beyond me. The people at the call center will just call them back when the next work day start. This realization alone tripled my conversions the last 3 days from 0-2 a day to around 6 a day. INSANE.

3. In the last update I thought mobile was terrible but it seems like I judged too quickly. Removing a certain OS made it a lot better. I am focusing 90% on MOBILE right now.

Also I am starting to see positive roi appear in my tracker, the data is starting to show which ads are profitable, which widgets are profitable and same for browses and OS.

4. I fixed a problem with utmsandbox which caused me not to get data from widget id so I can start to remove budget eaters there as well.

The Plan
5. At the moment I have 2 landing pages and 4 offers, I am going to focus on only the best one and try to optimize the landing page to turn this campaign GREEN.

This will be done using the heat map and recordings from Hot Jar. I have already collected some data and plan on using it today.

6. Furthermore I will keep reducing budget eating ads and widgets/browsers/os.

Update #7

Because of the conversions on hold and confirming or rejecting several days after I have decided to use the “last 7 day” metric to post updates instead of the daily metric (or else you will only see red and on holds).

Last 7 day stats:
Visits: 5966
Clicks: 1582
Conversions: 13 (11 on hold, 12 declined)
Revenue: $331.50
Cost: $517.43
Profit -35.93%

As you can see the campaign is improving at a pretty good rate. This time I have decided to share some other stats as well.


Ad1: 13.19% roi
Ad2: -38.51% roi
Ad3: -7.71% roi
Ad4: -34.50% roi
Ad5: 12.30% roi
Ad6: -100% roi
Ad7: -100% roi
Ad8: -100% roi

These are my current ads that I am using(with many that had 1 x product payout in spent removed), ad 6 still has 2 on hold conversions so that one could turn out to be a winner. Ad7 and 8 might be cut soon if they don’t start performing.

Glad to see some ads performing rather well.


Land1: -25.16% roi
Land2: -37.54% roi

These stats are OK, but I am currently testing 2 more landers based on 1 and 2 but improved with hot jar heat maps to see where clicks are. Then I start to hyperlink images and much clicked words.


Offer 1: -65% roi
Offer 2: -65.36 roi
Offer 3: -43.86% roi
Offer 4: -6.14% roi

Seems like we have a winner with offer 4. Offer 3 will be tested still while 1 and 2 will be removed.

Update #8

Last 7 day stats:
Visits: 6834
Clicks: 2107
Conversions: 16 (9 on hold, 10 declined)
Revenue: $408
Cost: $600.74
Profit -32.08%

These are my current statistics which shows a small improvement yet again. I have discovered drill down reports thanks to someone who is more knowledgeable than me and used yesterday to discover a winning combination.

The combination goes with an ad that has 50% roi with a prelander that has 180% roi and an offer with 95% roi. Currently putting it to the test to see how that goes.

This caused my traffic to slowdown yesterday and no conversions at all, while today it has broke even till now. Curious to see how it will go on.

Keeping a native ads case study proves to be tough, but for now I am sticking with it and hopefully see improvements soon.

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