Slice and Dice Your Gumroad Sales Page for Success (By HooaFury)

Slice sharpen your gumroad sales page by fury

Are you frustrated with your lack of Gumroad success?

I’m sure you can also see so many other affiliates making sale after sale on Gumroad. This might have left you wondering on how to start your own Gumroad..

And you might even have tried to create one only to be met by a crushing defeat after many hours of hard work..

Nothing is as easy as it looks like, it takes time and dedication to find the best sales pages and to scrutinize them to the finest detail.

If you did that and you are simply CRUSHING it in sales.. this review is not for you. However, if you are looking to improve your Gumroad Sales Page to get those juicy sales coming in.. SLICE might be just what you need.

Imagine if you knew all the cogs and wheels that make your ideal customers churn.. if you only had to tune a few buttons in order to make them reveal their true desires to you.. how great would that feel?

If you knew what the problems your core audience has and had the solution for it, they would gladly throw handful of their cash to you.

This is what SLICE by Fury stands for, to make you (even if you are a complete beginner) into a Gumroad sales machine.

Now, I get it.. you might be skeptical at this point and I completely understand.. So how about you get to know the author named Fury a bit more?

Who the heck is Fury?

Fury is a novelist, tweeter and storyteller. What he also is, is an exceptional observer. He was in your spot a couple of months ago where he didn’t know where to start.

He spend hours upon hours to find what makes a sales page good and what makes one GREAT. Then a thought hit him like a lightning strikes a tree:

“Why wasn’t anyone making a product about this?”

There was a hungry NEED for a copy course that is fast and easy to digest. That is what he saw, and that is what Fury focused on.

He did what he does best and that is OBSERVING what others did.

Everybody wants a badass sales page that converts (that includes you right?) and the results from his observation is what you now know as SLICE.

So what does SLICE have that you need in order to succeed?

A Gumroad Sales Page Template

You might be lacking the time to do many excruciating hours to deep research hundreds of Gumroad Sales pages to find the right combination..

As a beginner you might not even know where to begin to research sales pages.

SLICE has a handy template that you can copy and customize for your own product while slicing days of your research time in the process. (yea I choose slicing on purpose here)

This template breaks down the crucial elements that every single sales page needs to have. With this template, even a complete beginner could write a sales page that converts well.

Without this template, you might need few more months of research to come to the same conclusion.

And we all know “Time is Money” Right? But enough about that..

What else does SLICE have?

i know enough - get slice

Sales Page Breakdowns from Successful Content Creators

If the template already got you primed for wanting the course, you are going to love it after these breakdowns.

Charles Miller’s Make it Stick

charles miller - make it stick

There are a few principles used here that helps grab your attention and hold it:

  1. Reciprocity Principle
  2. The Favor trick
  3. Rapport building
  4. Building trust

You see this in the way where he asks you to count down from 3, all the way to which he promises you that there is a point to this all (and explains it).

And this is only the beginning, there is more of great tricks like this from Charles within SLICE.

Dennis Demori Freelance Foundations 2.0

Dennis shows an important part that is critical to the success of any sales page and that is empathy.

dennis demori

He starts by painting a picture where he has to fight against the world on his own while relating to your specific pain points. After this he explains what you need in order to be saved from that specific pain and offers it.

What he also shows is that social proof is another necessary part to succeed. After all, if others liked this, you must like it as well right?


One of the big thing that DEJARU22 does is knowing how to brand his product and market it before they even come on his sales page.

When they inevitably do however.. they are already primed to buy his products. The way he does this with perfect crafted memes, images and tweets about programming is a genius move.

What he also did, was a special twist by using audio instead of the usual products that flood the market and it shows.

dejaru22 - terminate

A whopping 187 5 star reviews.. someone that you definitely want to learn from.

Omaid – Start my Tech Career

omaid - start my tech career

The sales page of Omaid is a bit different than the other users. He creates his own landing page that uses Gumroad checkout links.

If you are familiar with tech, this could be the way to go. It gives you a lot of freedom in how you want to design your page.

In that case, this case study is one that you want to read for sure. It talks about color schemes and associations along its branding.

Spiderverse and Jack Butcher

You know Gumroad is legit, when even artists behind the Spiderverse are using it (yes you can learn art from them).

It makes everything about Gumroad more legit when big names do it as well.

spiderverse artist

jack butcher

Pretty cool courses huh? What is even cooler though, is this:

jack butcher 48k

This is what is possible when you make big sales on Gumroad. A whopping $48K!

Proof Fury knows what he is talking about

Have these little sneak peeks inside successful sales pages helped changing your view about writing a sales page?

Imagine the difference between what you knew before this review and how you could be if you knew how to write a successful sales page on Gumroad.

Slice is that bridge that could get you there.

As you can see from his previous work, those who got it.. simply loved it and got value from their purchases. Take a look here below:

slice by fury

All glowing reviews which means that when you get one of Fury’s products. You get value for your money while getting it in a easy and fast to digest way.

Money Back Guarantee

If you put in the work and still can’t convert, Fury will give you back your money after showing proof of work. There are no risks at all to you when getting SLICE.

Final verdict for the SLICE review

By now you already know how great SLICE is. But do you realize how massive the value to gain is when you get a sneak peek into the mind of truly artists of sales?

For those of you who wonder, yes I did use knowledge that resides in SLICE to write this review.

Want to know what kind of tricks I used on you?

Click here to get SLICE and find out what I did and how you too, can become a Badass Copywriter who writes The Best Sales Pages on Gumroad.

Special Message From Fury

I want to end this with a special message from Fury to all of you:

Everyone can write. Keep going. It took me 10 years to get here. And I’m not done.”

As you can see, it took Fury 10 years to get where he is and to acquire the skills he got.

You too can profit from his vault of knowledge with SLICE. Even as a complete beginner who has a time deficit, you can use SLICE to get ahead of the game.

Become like Fury and Write Your Highly Converting Gumroad Sales Page Now

get gumroad sales with slice

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