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Do you want to learn how to write compelling copy? Read here why you should start by reading Copywriting 101 by Copyblogger.

In this era where everyone stares at a screen almost 24/7 it is critical for you to learn how to write copy that engages your readers. I mean.. you are staring at one right now aren’t you?

According to Joseph Sugarman every element of the copy only has 1 purpose.. do you want to know what that purpose is?

That’s right. To get the first sentence read. And what is the purpose of the first sentence? To get the second sentence read and so on.. until the reader gets down to your offer and the sale.

Writing Effective Headlines

In order to get your readers to read the first sentence, your  headline must be able to grab their attention. Here are some questions that Clayton Makepeace says you should ask about your headlines:

  1. Does your headline offer the reader a reward for reading?
  2. What specifics could you add to make your headline more intriguing and believable?
  3. Does your headline trigger a strong, actionable emotion the reader already has about the subject at hand?
  4. Does your headline present a proposition that will instantly get your prospect nodding his or her head?
  5. Could your headline benefit from the inclusion of a proposed transaction?
  6. Could you add an element of intrigue to drive the prospect into your opening copy?

If you write your headlines with these 6 questions in mind, they should already become a lot more compelling and lead your readers to the body of your copy.

How to structure your copy

A good structure in copy is as important as wheels on a car. Without it, your copy might as well be doomed. Here are some guidelines that you can find within copywriting 101:

Focus on the reader

Make an important promise early on within your headlines and opening paragraph. This will let the reader know why they should read your copy.

Stay focused

Each part of your copy should support the bigger main idea that you are trying to sell to the reader. This could be riling up the reader or overcoming an obstacle. Don’t drag it out and keep it simple.

Be ultra specific

Be specific with your statements and be sure to give reasons why. Without these the BS radar of your readers might go off.

Demonstrate credibility

Either through extensive researching your writing subject, using statistics, expert references and testimonials. After demonstrating these, make sure to get back to focusing on your reader. Restate what’s in it for them and why they should continue reading. This is how you write copy that hooks your readers.

Make an offer

It doesn’t matter whether you sell a product or an idea. You have got to present it in some way for the reader to be able to accept it. Be bold and firm when you present your offer and remove any obstacles that might prevent reader from accepting your offer.

Sum everything up

This is where you should sum everything up for your reader and most importantly, deliver on your promise to them. Demonstrate how they have benefited from your copy.

In any case, hopefully this helps you to write more effective Headlines and structure your copy better. If you liked this, you should definitely check out Copyblogger for more information on how to write effective copy through copywriting 101.

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